Social Activity Alerts

WandBot's Monitoring Engine is used to track interesting activity on the social graph relevant to trading crypto projects.

This enables WandBot to stay on top of budding opportunities in projects that already launched and might be growing their community still.

Activity Summary Section

The top of Social Activity Alerts is a activity summary section containing information on the social interaction that occurred to trigger the alert.

The summary contains specific links and information including the interacting user and their score, the project that was interacted with, and data for the tweet in the interaction.

These can also show instances where a user follows a project

Overview Section

Social Activity Alerts Overview section includes the same info as Analyzed Contract Alerts, but also:

  • The time the twitter project was found.

  • The project score and score emote.

Analysis Section

Social Activity Alerts Analysis section currently includes the same info as Analyzed Contract Alerts:

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