Understanding WandBot Signals And Alpha

WandBot is here to help you gauge if a token's community engagement is organic and significant and that the team history has no rugs. Our alerts are curated to maximize this decision making process.

Here are some general tips/guidelines/rules of thumb for understanding the information on these alerts:

  1. Verify that the top ranked tweet matches up with the contract shown.

  2. Verify that top ranked tweets activity is bullish & organic sentiment.

  3. Look for uniqueness of the project name and cashtag. Many are copycats.

  4. Look for a green/yellow/orange emoji score. Green > Yellow > Orange > Red > Black.

  5. Look for a known CT user you respect/think is smart in social activity

  6. Look for recent interesting activity in tweets

  7. Notice any past twitter usernames from other possible scams.

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