🎇WandBot by OzDAO

WandBot is a data-driven AI research tool leveraging @oz_dao's unrivaled cryptonative social activity monitoring engine for real-time alerts and alpha on new and trending crypto tokens.

WandBot Overview

WandBot provides tooling to discover, track and analyze a crypto project's social community from the earliest stage. There is significant hidden alpha in mapping and following cryptonative activities on the social graph, and our goal is to uncover market-moving information in a useful and timely manner at a more fine-grained level than anybody.

WandBot curates as much information as possible towards this by monitoring, aggregating and ranking social interactions that are relevant to crypto projects with liquid tokens. Our monitoring engine leverages OzDAO's original ML classification algorithm designed in 2021 to perform this task in a data-driven manner with a high degree of accuracy. WandBot builds on this with its own engine for tracking liquid tokens onchain data and social interactions.

WandBot Alerts are currently being pushed to a token-gated telegram channel, but its roadmap includes a full-fledged, configurable data platform for research and alpha.


All of the features available to $WAND and OzDAO users will be available as endpoints on TOTO API. Leverage our social and on-chain metrics to build your own programatic trading strategy or do a deep dive on projects and users that are important to you.

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