Analyzed (Linked) Contract Alerts

Analyzed contract alerts come as soon as WandBot links a contract to a twitter account associated to the project.

These come with more accurate and meaningful social data for a given project.

Overview Section

Analyzed Contract Alerts Overview section includes:

  • Links to the project twitter and to a search twitter for the contract and the cashtag. The first link is to the project twitter, and the second link is to a twitter search of both the cashtag and the contract address.

  • Twitter following/followers count and join date

  • Contract Deployment and basic metrics

  • Social Links for the project, if present

  • Past usernames of the project twitter, if present

Analysis Section

Analyzed Contract Alerts Analysis section includes:

  • Score of the highest scoring interaction

  • Tweet from the project twitter with the most likes

  • Count of organic interactions by interaction type

  • 5 top scoring interactions

  • Detail on the highest scoring interaction (i.e. the tweet liked by the highest scoring user)

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