New Contract Onchain X Twitter Alerts

New Contract alerts come as soon as WandBot's cashtag analysis engine picks up social data for a particular live contract or cashtag symbol

Overview Section

New contract alerts contain a twitter search link and user score emote along with the found contract name and symbol.

Clicking on the link for the token name and symbol opens a twitter search for both the cashtag and the contract address.

This line also contains the score emote for the token, which is based on the highest scoring social interaction for the user. In order of highest score:

🟢 Green> 🟡 Yellow> 🟠️ Orange> 🔴 Red> ⚫️ Black

New Contract Alerts Overview section also includes the Contract Deployment and basic metrics.

Analysis Section

New Contract Alerts Analysis section includes:

  • Tweet from the highest scoring user

  • Count of unique tweeters

  • Top scoring interactions

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